Masonic temple.

„Take all your problems

And rip ‘em apart
Carry them off
In a shopping cart”





Don’t give a shit,

live like nothing can touch you,

break everything that stands in your way,

don’t turn back,

live without having regrets,

and never doubt yourself .

Surprinsingly obvious.


Ideile sunt acolo, langa tine, cu tine, sunt evidente, palpabile si nu reusesti sa le concretizezi.

Concretizarea banalizeaza, si ideea abstracta sufera mutatii ireversibile, capata un alt inteles, probabil un non-sens.

Poate inca nu e momentul,
Si poate cu cat e mai abstract
Cu atat e mai palpabil si plin de intelesuri.

Its about branding.


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White & Nerdy – „Weird Al” Yankovic

deci: hahaha!

Thats an interesting point of view.

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